Little additions make all the difference

Irony is the best policy for signs

Hang this in your kitchen for a touch of humour: Baker Street sign, £29.95. Minus the grease from the local cafe, this cafe lamp looks as good as reclaimed: Ivory Cafe lamp, £29.95. Drawer knobs aren’t usually the first thing you’ll change in a room but try it, you might like it: Blue Stripe Ceramic drawer knob, £3.95 each.

A simple addition with oodles of character

These little additions will make a big difference

We all get bored of our surroundings sometimes and the need to reach for the paintbrush calls. But it’s just too expensive to do every time the colour scheme you once thought was wonderful is now tiresome. Well, don’t fret, there is a way without breaking the bank: additions! Change a lamp, put up a new picture, change the knobs on your cupboards and voila! A brand new room. Here are a couple of suggestions from DotComGiftShop to get you started…

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