CRAFT: Decorate your walls with book pages


I just love this idea. This clever blogger ( has thought of using old books in a brand new way, just as I mentioned in my impulse buys post. She’s drawn on some of the pages, bicycles and things, and the effect is just wonderful. What a talking point! I love how some are more browned than others. Could I bring myself to tear up books though? Maybe if they’re from a charity shop. The rest of the room is great as well: a mix of chairs sanded down and painted a lovely green which looks like Pale Lime from Little Greene Company (in another picture that is better lighted). If it were me, I’d have chosen a paler colour, such as Salix. The neutrality of Salix is so easily workable and I just love it’s versatility. And you might have noticed already the buckets for lampshades. Great idea. And who’d have thought plastic ones would work so well, still with handle attached? The bookcase is obviously reclaimed and reminds me of book ledges at school when I was little!

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