Working with impulse buys

Don’t just buy when you need – you’ll find it a use one day!

I am an impulse buyer. I see something I like and, if there’s money on my debit or room in my overdraft, I know that this decision will be an investment. I am in the stage of the between; I don’t own a house but I have a ‘bottom drawer’ ready for when the day comes. And I am the living example of a human magpie, collecting bits and pieces that don’t necessarily fit in my room at the moment but which I know will come together as a great scheme one day. Small cameo drawings on silk in gold frames, blue porcelain cats, a hook shaped as a scottie dog are amongst the bits I have collected.

Don’t be ashamed if you are like me; if you have a vision for something or can see its potential, get it! Perhaps buying a sofa on impulse isn’t always a great idea (where will you store it?) but it might be! It could be your new project if you have the time, or can replace the one you inherited years ago from the old lady next door. And what about the things you’ve bought that you can no longer see potential for? Make it into something that it isn’t! I have horse brasses that I just loved, firstly because they’re so old fashioned and secondly because I always remember seeing some in my conservatory as a child, a nice memory. I’m going to tie ribbons to them and hang them in a diagonal line on a wall and when I get fed up with that, I’ll think of something else (the end to a hanging light pull perhaps?) Give something a new function and you’ll love it forever. be as open minded as possible and never ever put yourself off because it seems ridiculous; that’s usually the best time to buy something for your home!

I’ll try and find as many ideas for you as possible but please ask if you’ve got something you can’t bare to throw out! I know how you feel!

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