Handmade Holiday Gifts for Him 2012

This is a great set of ideas. I’m sorted for my boyfriend!

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Him by Charlotte's Fancy

Why are finding gifts for guys so hard? Is it just me? Here are a few suggestions I hope you like:

1. Vintage pop art Star Wars posters ($40, set of three) by Poster Inspired
2. Gray, red and white plaid men’s bow tie ($19.50) by Moaning Minnie
3. iPhone case w/ beer bottle opener (sold out between the time I bookmarked this and published this blog post, but contact the seller or keep an eye on the shop for more; this shop has a similar case) by Funky Phone Cases
4. Vintage Careers board game ($24) from Jill Hannah
5. Grey wool felt with brown leather iPad sleeve ($48) by Byrd and Belle
6. Massaman peanut butter sandwich cookies ($9 for six) by Whimsy and Spice
7. Leather wine rack for bikes ($29 CAD or about $29.75 USD) by oopsmark
8. Monaco blue infinity scarf ($19.90) by Zojanka

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