Make your own: Vintage Prints


Beauty comes at a price

OKA is definitely the sort of place I would shop for my home if I had a lot more money. But until then, I’m quite happy dreaming and waiting and mimicking their looks with cheaper finds. This time I have my mind set on their Georgian Townhouse set. Fantastic, isn’t it? But pricey too. This bird frame, for example, would fit perfectly, but comes with a hefty price-tag of £360 for two. But I just love this ‘Darwin’s sketchbook’ look.

If you want to imitate this look for much less, find a good antique collector of these sort for originals: you can get antique prints, pages from anatomy books and watercolours for next to nothing. Better yet, find an old book of the sort on eBay and carefully frame pages from it (don’t just rip it up willy nilly and then decide it was a mistake afterwards though, think carefully about it). Kitty Print has loads of real prints (around £20 and up), with loads of different categories, from monkeys to botanics to maps, and I have my eye on a good few for my Christmas list already. Or print your own (try vintageprintable) if you have a good enough printer. You could print on aged paper (the old teabag trick) and they’re as good as old. Always frame your prints, wherever they’re from, as this will set them off nicely.

My alternative to this idea last year was a handkerchief with a partridge printed on the front. I got a black frame and put it inside. I’ll post it later so you can see for inspiration! Have you got anything you can do the same with?

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