DIY: Fold-away wall table


An idea that I had when I found the bookcase desk was to make a fold away table!

  1. So, attach a rectangular piece of wood the length of your table to the bookcase at the height you want your table to be when folded out. This wood should be about three fingers thick.
  2. A wooden bracket, triangle and 2 thirds the width of your table (coming towards you as you sit) should be cut and hinged (find some at a hardware shop) underneath the first piece of wood. This will swing out to support the table when folded down. You might want to add a small block of wood where the bracket will meet the table midway, to stop it swinging further and making the table fall!
  3. Now, attach hinges to the end of table (furthest away from you as your sit) and onto the first piece of wood attached to the bookcase. The hinges should look like a tent, the joint facing upwards, when you attach them.
  4. You will need a loop and hook (also found at hardware shops) to hold the table in place when folded up. Fold the table up as if it is away and mark a centimetre below where the top of the table meets. This is where you should attach the loop (on the table, in the centre) and the hook (on the bookcase). Make sure the hook is long enough to reach the loop.

Remember: The hinges should overhang your table when attaching them. The hinges should be at the top of the table top so that you are folding it up, as opposed to down (it should hang). Measure well! The hook and loop must meet, the bracket for support must be long enough (cut a piece and cut it down as necessary, rather than making one too small to start with).

ImageHappy DIY’ing! This was my own making, in my head, so let me know how it goes. I’ll be trying it before long.

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