DIY: Make a bookcase desk


This is a fantastic space saving idea that I found at Canadian Family.  

Double-Duty Bookcase Desk

▪                     Customize Your Bookcase

You could line your bookcase with wallpaper, like in the picture, but make sure it will last. Cheat: This Billy Bjasta bookcase from Ikea already has a pretty postmodern pattern. It’s limited-edition, but you may be able to find one on eBay or through another online seller.

▪                     Add a Desktop

Measure the interior of the bookcase, allowing th of allowance on the back and sides. Cut an appropriately sized surface. Cheat: Trim a small kitchen table to size.

▪                     Fasten the Legs

Paint table legs found at a hardware store (or, as before, use stair posts). If it needs some sprucing, the table may need some sanding an painting too. Try to contrast the table leg colour to the table top as this will have such a good effect in your room. Secure the table to the bookcase by gluing first and then mounting an L-bracket on the interior of each leg and desktop corner. Drill screw holes through the sides and back of the bookshelf to assemble the unit.

▪                     Make it Safe

Secure the bookcase to the wall with an anti-tip bracket.

Limited-edition Billy Bjasta Bookcase, Ikea.

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