Geometrics and retro design

Retro schemes needn’t just be for the daring; this scheme can be as bold or as subtle as you like. There are, however, a few main ingredients you will need to pull this off:

  1. Geometric wallpaper, bold preferably, and of a great colour. You could also just choose a bold pattern and have it in a more neutral colour if you find a bright colour too much.
  2. Retro furniture; mid-century modern is a key style. Invest in these pieces and they’ll last you a lifetime. (Keep your eyes peeled for a future post on the best places to find these pieces!)
  3. The right accessories. Kitsch, check. Repeat patterns, check. Durable, check. Smooth lines matching the furniture, check.

The best place to get your wallpaper is They have a wide range of all types to suit your need and this is where I would go for my geometric fancies. They stock loads of wallpapers from many brands and makes, so you can get them all from one place. In your geometric room, choose a feature wall that you are least likely to cover with big objects, like a wardrobe or a big bookcase, and make sure that you paper properly, matched up well!

Check out some of these for your new scheme:

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  1. Criss-cross Platter, Dwell, £49
  2. Ceramic Pendant Light, £149, Dwell
  3. Cossette Sofa, £499-£1,300, John Lewis
  4. Crosley Manchester Stand, £90, Urban Outfitters
  5. Living Retro Tripod Metal Floor Lamp, £29.99, Argos
  6. Wall Clock, £39, Cult Furniture
  7. Geometric Cushion, £7, ASDA
  8. Tatami, £38.50 per roll, Wallpaper Direct
  9. Concord, £38 per roll, Wallpaper Direct

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