DIY: Cushioned, Upholstered Ottoman


I have always dreamt of having a cushioned ottoman acting as a coffee table at the centre of a beautiful, light living room with many windows and a fireplace. This dream had for a while been pushed aside (I mean, have you seen the prices of these things?) Until now. I was blog-surfing (strictly Home and Craft related, of course) and came across a very clever lady who had a go at making her very own ottoman, just as I had dreamed. The ingredients are an old coffee table, foam, a big bit of material, a lick of paint, glue, some nails and a few buttons (for the nice effect on the top), thankfully all pretty obtainable bits! I can’t wait to try this out. Thanks

Want some ideas for fabrics? I’ve cherry picked a couple for you!

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 21.12.46

Azalia Fabric Grey, £39 pm, John Lewis

Morbury Cranberry (price not disclosed), Romo

Pietra, £10.80 (0n sale), Just Fabrics

Caitlyn Velvet, £50 pm, Laura Ashley

Dotty Fabric Blue, £8.99, Dunelm Mill

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