I love tin boxes!

I’m falling in love with tin boxes, they are my new thing. I have a few, but my favourite is definitely my Queens Coronation tin that I found in a little second hand and craft shop. It’s battered but I think that only adds to the charm! Keep special bits and pieces inside: letters, jewellery, memories, photos… There is something very special and romantic about keeping special pieces in a old looking tin. I’ve collected a couple of tins from around the internet for you (the Beano one I need), but I urge you to have a look around the next time you are in an antique, charity or junk shop!

Treasure Tin Buffalo Bill, £2.50 (on sale), Dotcomgiftshop

Bird patterned tin box, £6, Tesco

Wild and Wolf Beano First Aid Kit Tin, £9.31, Amazon

Silver Tin Postcard Box, £8.10 (on sale), Lisa Angel

2 Responses to “I love tin boxes!”
  1. Those are just so sweet. The storage and decor possibilities are endless. I have a copper box that I adore. I use it in one of our bathroom vanity’s drawers to house small soaps for guests.

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