Need a new bathroom?

You have finally saved up the pennies and just about had enough of the suite you’re stuck with. It’s time for a new bathroom. But where to start? For the average house, bathrooms aren’t big and come in funny shapes, making your dreams a little less realistic and your job a lot harder. And a scheme? It’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make with relation to your house. This is a decision you don’t make lightly. Here’s my tips:

  1. Start out in the basics. Get a scrapbook and cut and paste in all of the pieces you like from catalogues, the internet, pictures you’ve taken in shops.
  2. Work out a colour scheme. Are you a colour magpie or do you prefer to chill out in neutral colours? If you want a colourful bathroom, make sure you won’t get sick of it and that you will be able to bare it when you walk in half asleep in the morning (second thoughts on that neon green?)
  3. Moodboard. Choose your favourite bits from hoarding and make a moodboard of what you would like to have. I recently made a simple one here that can give you an idea of what it will look like. There’s also tonnes of examples on the internet. Make sure you include materials, including paints, wallpapers, tiles and fabrics, and the appliances you would like. You could even choose your towels and stick their pictures on to give you different textures on the moodboard. If you can’t find the exact suite or appliances you would like, find a similar style and use that for now.
  4. Take your measurements. This is so important and a centimetre could be the difference
  5. Shop around. You could save money by buying appliances from separate places. However, remember your measurements when doing so.
  6. Attention to detail. Remember to make sure your tap from B&Q fits your sink from Homebase. Ensure you have enough tiles (if you’re having any) and flooring and have a think about the little additions you might need (mirrors etc.)
  7. If you can’t fit it yourself, don’t. Don’t risk ruining your new suite just for the sake of saving money. You could end up ruining what you have if you try it yourself, and then it won’t have been worth trying in the first place.

Good luck and be sure to post back when you’re done!

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