Store of the Week: Zara Home

Zara Home

It’s hard to know where to look when you know what you need, whether it be a lamp for reading in the living room or a tea caddy for the kitchen, so I thought I would do a weekly post about my favourite, and newly found, stores for all your home needs. They might be online or off (or both!) so be prepared!

I thought this week I’d kick off with Zara Home. At the moment, they’re going through three phases: botanical print, bold and loud patterns (think pink tigers) and Arabian and Mediterranean style ‘metalwork’. The thing I love about Zara Home is the sheer diversity of choice. There’s no disappointment when you click on a link to find a whole page to scroll through with so many different styles. The brick and mortar stores are equally as pleasing although can be a little overwhelming as everything looks so lovely just where it is. And you can bet on the stock changing regularly so if you can’t find something now, check back in a couple of weeks and you might be pleasantly surprised. They are also particularly season oriented. At the moment, Spring is setting in (or should be, don’t look out of the window) and Zara Home have put on an array of daffodil yellows and whites. The botanical prints are so now, and they fit exactly with the sort of mood you should be feeling at home; cosy with the promise of nature showing up on the doorstep sometime soon.

There’s another benefit. Unlike some home stores who work to the seasons and not to the weather (never a good idea in Britain), Zara Home still practically apply themselves to current needs. They don’t fold away the blankets into the sale section but adapt them to light mohair as opposed to thick wool. The photo frames are particularly inviting, especially when you see them in their photo shoot spreads, and are just asking to be filled with spring and summer memories. They have practical solutions for storage too with a vast array of baskets and boxes. The tables are a little lack-lustre at the moment, you may feel they have been done, but don’t write them off yet. They are designed for a specific room and a specific person. This can only leave you feeling as though you have a bespoke piece in your room. But they have to fit. If not, well, they could look tacky. In the right room, they’ll look fantastic and you’ll wonder how anything could have possibly substituted it.

They always have their ornate pieces, mainly in glass and metal, sometimes with added detail for that finishing touch. These pieces will work anywhere; blending into a scheme or as a beautiful centrepiece in a room or on table. On top of this, they do not look as cheap as they are, so you’re guaranteed some compliments. The bed linen is also an investment area; they are guaranteed to brighten up a bed and your morning mood.

I love the styles they have at the moment as even though they are Spring oriented, I think they could work as mood cheerers all year long. Add some Zara Home scatter cushions and you’ve got yourself a brand new room. And if you really want to finish off the look, take a gander at the accessories of glass jars, bottles and vases. You’ll need never display a branded product again!

Flamingo Platter

I can’t possibly cover it all (besides, the discovery is part of the fun!) but there’s one more mention: tableware. If you’re planning a dinner party any time soon, or have been looking for the perfect set for a while, check out this section. I’ve fallen in love with the verging on tacky but wonderfully soul-brightening flamingo platter (see pictures) for £29.99. It’s bound to be a fantastic talking point. Also, check out the dessert plates, they’re to die for.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over!

Here’s my breakdown:

Where? Online and In-store

Budget? ££

Value? ++

Investment pieces? +++

(Based on a three-point rating: £, Cheap, ££, mid-priced, £££, expensive; +, temporary buy, ++, a good investment, +++, will last forever in trendand quality)

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