Weekly Treat

  Little additions make all the difference. I think I might treat myself to another fancy jar for bits and bobs in the bedroom and bathroom. This one is perfect for my cotton wool balls! Better than the plastic bag they come in! Cotton Wool Jar, £6.95, Dotcomgiftshop

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

Even with all of the online chatting going on, I still get a buzz when I get a letter in the post (minus bills and the boring stuff). And all too often there are racks of the stuff over-flowing onto the work surface, or left on the table in the hall, cluttering up the place. … Continue reading

I want to go to… Whitstable

About a year ago, my boyfriend and I took a bus into Whitstable from his student accommodation at Kent University. It was the most blustery day but the streets were full with people, bustling in and out of shops, eating fish and chips and strolling along the pebble beach. I was in my element with … Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day!

Today I am celebrating Valentines Day with The Pouch Pets, my little collection of animals that I make by hand! You can get your own at my Etsy shop or like us on Facebook.  In fact, I’ll do you a deal. Click through from my Etsy shop on Facebook and you can have 10% off! … Continue reading

Botanical Print

This is just a quick post because I just had to show you this print from Ikea that I just fell in love with. This botanical butterfly print is just perfect for so many places in the house but at the moment, I’m favouring the study. It would look fantastic offset against a dark wood … Continue reading

I love tin boxes!

I’m falling in love with tin boxes, they are my new thing. I have a few, but my favourite is definitely my Queens Coronation tin that I found in a little second hand and craft shop. It’s battered but I think that only adds to the charm! Keep special bits and pieces inside: letters, jewellery, … Continue reading

Invest in classic pieces that will last you a lifetime

Someone recently said to me of plywood chairs (pictured) ‘Why on Earth would anyone pay so much money for a piece of wood? I see prices for those in the West End that are ridiculous. They’re so overpriced.’ My answer: ‘Because they will stand the test of time and pay for themselves.’ I’ll let you … Continue reading

Cosy up in recycled home ware

It always feels good to buy something pre-loved or pre-used and made into something new. Bare Foot Kitchen fits this feel good factor perfectly. The blankets, £22, are made from ‘shoddy’ wool, left over from making virgin wool blankets. They have four colour options, all with neutral undertones so you can guarantee where ever you … Continue reading

Working with impulse buys

I am an impulse buyer. I see something I like and, if there’s money on my debit or room in my overdraft, I know that this decision will be an investment. I am in the stage of the between; I don’t own a house but I have a ‘bottom drawer’ ready for when the day … Continue reading

Love Your Abode has moved home!

LYA has moved from its original home at loveyourabode.tumblr.com (please visit, see what you’ve been missing!) to WordPress so readers can get the most out of us! So, if you love your abode, this is the place for you. Welcome, old and new readers.