Happy Valentines Day!

Today I am celebrating Valentines Day with The Pouch Pets, my little collection of animals that I make by hand! You can get your own at my Etsy shop or like us on Facebook.  In fact, I’ll do you a deal. Click through from my Etsy shop on Facebook and you can have 10% off! … Continue reading

Meet the Pouch Pets!

So I have opened a shop on Etsy and I am so excited to get selling. Please go over and have a look by clicking here! Each little Pouch Pet, made from polymer clay, is designed, made and painted by myself. They came to life earlier this year and are small enough to fit in … Continue reading

Make your own: Vintage Prints

OKA is definitely the sort of place I would shop for my home if I had a lot more money. But until then, I’m quite happy dreaming and waiting and mimicking their looks with cheaper finds. This time I have my mind set on their Georgian Townhouse set. Fantastic, isn’t it? But pricey too. This … Continue reading