DIY: Cushioned, Upholstered Ottoman

I have always dreamt of having a cushioned ottoman acting as a coffee table at the centre of a beautiful, light living room with many windows and a fireplace. This dream had for a while been pushed aside (I mean, have you seen the prices of these things?) Until now. I was blog-surfing (strictly Home … Continue reading

DIY: Fold-away wall table

An idea that I had when I found the bookcase desk was to make a fold away table! So, attach a rectangular piece of wood the length of your table to the bookcase at the height you want your table to be when folded out. This wood should be about three fingers thick. A wooden … Continue reading

DIY: Rustic Stencil Storage Chest

This DIY is fabulous and I’m definitely going to give it a go as soon as possible! It turns out to be really cheap but looking far from it. The drawers are TARVA, £125, IKEA. You can also get smaller versions if you like. My favourite thing about this chest is the fact that the … Continue reading

DIY: Make a book ledge

If you liked the bookcase/book ledge leaning against the wall in my last post and want to recreate it, here’s a great DIY tutorial from The Harpster Home. If you don’t like the permanence of sticking them on the wall, think of some other places to put them: an old door, reclaimed wood, lots of … Continue reading

CRAFT: Decorate your walls with book pages

I just love this idea. This clever blogger ( has thought of using old books in a brand new way, just as I mentioned in my impulse buys post. She’s drawn on some of the pages, bicycles and things, and the effect is just wonderful. What a talking point! I love how some are more … Continue reading

Craft: Make a rustic desk

This is a fantastic craft tutorial for making your very own rustic/shabby chic desk out of an old pallet and some stair rail posts! So what you waiting for, these aren’t hard to get hold of. Ask a local shop for a pallet, usually larger corner shops, and a local hardware store or wood shop … Continue reading