Weekly Treat

  Little additions make all the difference. I think I might treat myself to another fancy jar for bits and bobs in the bedroom and bathroom. This one is perfect for my cotton wool balls! Better than the plastic bag they come in! Cotton Wool Jar, £6.95, Dotcomgiftshop

I want to go to… Whitstable

About a year ago, my boyfriend and I took a bus into Whitstable from his student accommodation at Kent University. It was the most blustery day but the streets were full with people, bustling in and out of shops, eating fish and chips and strolling along the pebble beach. I was in my element with … Continue reading

Botanical Print

This is just a quick post because I just had to show you this print from Ikea that I just fell in love with. This botanical butterfly print is just perfect for so many places in the house but at the moment, I’m favouring the study. It would look fantastic offset against a dark wood … Continue reading

Shop: Rose & Grey, for vintage and modern living

piYou’re going to love this little find: Rose & Grey. They stock a fantastic array of vintage style pieces that are so convincing and irresistible that using all of them in your home may actually not be too disastrous; I just think these choices are too stylish to overdo. I love these three eclectic vases … Continue reading

Make your own: Vintage Prints

OKA is definitely the sort of place I would shop for my home if I had a lot more money. But until then, I’m quite happy dreaming and waiting and mimicking their looks with cheaper finds. This time I have my mind set on their Georgian Townhouse set. Fantastic, isn’t it? But pricey too. This … Continue reading